Taking Care of ME 

Professional Development Program

Highly interactive training and coaching programs designed for
ASI and RRG policy holders.

You give so much of yourselves to others and now it’s our turn to take care of YOU. 

Attending to your personal well-being is just as important as supporting the individuals you serve.

Join your fellow behavioral health professionals on a personal and professional growth journey to

  • Re-energize, feel less overwhelmed, and maintain your balance
  • Reduce burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Obtain tools for being a healthy professional

This program offers a self-paced learning environment paired with weekly online group coaching sessions allowing you to take care of yourself by finding your own stride. 

Each program offers

  • 24/7 access to online content
  • 10 highly dynamic video modules 
  • 10 corresponding Move to Action Reflection Worksheets
  • Group coaching sessions with accountability via secure video conferencing

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  • The Bridge to Hope & Healing

    The Bridge to Hope & Healing provides a framework for you and your clients to understand the power of thriving through a life circumstance. Learn 9 Principles as the facilitator passionately shares her experiences through multiple family crises.


    Building Bridges is about creating connections, 
     establishing relationships, and obtaining resources 
     to help you and your clients survive and thrive through moments of crises.

    ~ Becky S. Corbett

    The Bridge to Hope & Healing is a self-paced program that provides a framework for you and your clients to understand the power of thriving through a life circumstance. Actively engage in learning 9 Principles as Becky shares her experiences through multiple family crises.

    This 10-module training program is available 24/7. Each module contains a highly dynamic 7-10-minute video and a Move to Action Reflection Worksheet. This asynchronous learning is paired with weekly online group coaching sessions facilitated by Becky S. Corbett, MSW, ACSW. The interactive format provides ample opportunity for Becky to hold you accountable for your learning, determine next steps in taking care of YOU, and also receive support from your peers.


    1. Learn 9 Principles, Tips & Techniques, and Journal Reflections to support you and your clients through a life-changing circumstance.
    2. Discover the purpose and importance of Building Bridges as an individual, within families, and in communities.
    3. Identify and incorporate Hope & Healing strategies into your own self-care and resiliency.


    Module 1 – Program Overview
    Module 2 – Hope…The fog will lift
    Module 3 – Show strength and courage…Build your bridge
    Module 4 – Maintain a positive outlook…Apply a strengths-based perspective
    Module 5 – Communicate…Keep talking
    Module 6 – Seek resources…Invest in the relationships that sustain you
    Module 7 – Heal…Take care of you
    Module 8 – Accept, adjust, and affirm…Life moves forward
    Module 9 – Forgive…Let go
    Module 10 – Express gratitude…Count your blessings

    Becky Schwartz Corbett, MSW, ACSW

    President & CEO

    Becky Schwartz Corbett, MSW, ACSW is a national speaker, trainer, and executive coach in intentional growth; leadership and career development; and Producktivity®. She is President & CEO of BSCorbett Consulting; a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers; a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Speaker, and Teacher; Career Services Consultant for The University of Alabama School of Social Work; and the author of The Bridge to Hope & Healing®: 9 Principles to Guide You in a Moment of Crisis. Becky is fiercely dedicated to inspiring people to lead and helping communities, organizations, and individuals move ideas to action.

    Becky created The Bridge to inspire individuals, families, and communities to build their bridge to hope and healing in a moment of crisis. When she found herself in a critical, life-changing moment, she utilized her social work background, spirituality, and relationships with friends and family to not just survive, but thrive with passion and compassion. The Bridge Principles are modeled from her Nana, who lived to be 103.5 years old, and inspired by her lived experience through multiple family crises, including her grandparents elderly suicide in 1988 and her divorce—she calls, “My Husband Is Gay—Now What?” in 2006.

Presented by NASW Assurance Services, Inc, (ASI) and NASW Risk Retention Group (RRG) in collaboration with BSCorbett Consulting, LLC for ASI and RRG policy holders.

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