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Do you struggle with managing your time? Do you have at least one task you have been putting off? If so, Own Your Time is the webinar for you. Take back control of your time. Redefine time management and understand how deadlines and accountability support you in achieving outcomes. Join us and learn techniques to successfully implement intentional Producktivity® in your professional and personal life.


  1. Redefine time management and identify what is important to you and deserves your attention and energy.
  2. Understand how deadlines and accountability support managing your time and achieving outcomes.
  3. Learn techniques to successfully implement intentional Producktivity® in your professional and personal life.

Becky Schwartz Corbett, MSW, ACSW

President & CEO

Becky Schwartz Corbett is a national speaker, trainer, and executive coach in intentional growth, leadership development, and Producktivity®. She is the author of The Bridge to Hope & Healing®: 9 Principles to Follow in a Moment of Crisis and has 28 years of executive management experience with mission-driven organizations, membership & trade associations, and colleges & universities. Becky is fiercely dedicated to inspiring people to lead and helping communities, organizations, and individuals move ideas to action. She was born and raised in New Orleans and received her Master of Social Work with a concentration in planning and management and a Bachelor of Science in human development and family studies from The University of Alabama (UA). Becky is President & CEO of BSCorbett Consulting; a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers; Career Services Consultant for the UA School of Social Work; and a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Speaker, and Teacher.

Emily Tevault, MBA, CPC, ACC

Vice President, Programs & Producktivity®

Emily Tevault is Vice President, Programs & Producktivity® with BSCorbett Consulting, LLC. She is a coach, trainer, and consultant in leadership, time management, and intentional growth. Emily uses her 20+ years of nonprofit accounting, finance, and management experience with educational organizations and associations to establish trust, build relationships, and connect the pieces of the puzzle. Emily applies the Producktivity® Principles: Identify. Connect. Organize. in her own life and with her clients to move ideas to action. Emily received a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in finance from The Johns Hopkins University. Emily is an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Academy Certified Professional Coach (CPC), John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Speaker, and Teacher, and a Maxwell Certified DISC® Trainer.


Own Your Time Webinar Recording
Recorded 02/27/2019
Recorded 02/27/2019
Certificate of Completion
1.00 credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 credit  |  Certificate available